The Jerome Robbins Foundation was established to support dance, theater and their associative arts.

Jerome Robbins established the Foundation in 1958, in honor of his mother, with the intent to support dance, theater, and their associative arts. In the 1980's, following the outbreak of AIDS, he directed Foundation resources almost exclusively to the AIDS crisis and still later, in letters left to the board, he conveyed his wish that the Foundation once again extend its resources to the performing arts - dance and theater especially.

Please note that the Foundation no longer accepts new, unsolicited proposals.  Proposals will be reviewed on an invitation-only basis.  If you have received Foundation funding in the past, you may submit a request for renewed funding according to the following guidelines.  Proposals must be received by January 31 for March grants or July 31 for September grants.

All proposals must be submitted via e-mail to  Proposals must be in the form of two pdf files and contain only the following information:
- no more than two pages outlining the organization's activities and the nature of the request;
- the organization's or project's latest budget;
- current funding sources;
- the organization's address;
- the organization's IRS statement of tax-exempt status (applies only to new proposals);
- the organization's latest audited financial statement or tax return, submitted as a separate and second pdf file.

Applications may take three to four months to evaluate and funds for specific projects are not granted retroactively. Fiscal sponsorship is acceptable. Unless otherwise specified, Foundation grants apply to general operating costs.  Please submit any and all questions via e-mail to

Directors: Floria V. Lasky, Esq. (In Memoriam), Allen Greenberg, Daniel Stern (In Memoriam), Christopher Pennington, Ellen Sorrin

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