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 ComposerBenjamin Britten
 MusicA Young Person′s Guide to the Orchestra (Op. 34)
 DancersYvonne Mounsey (Harp); Todd Bolender (Percussion); Jillana (Oboe); Carolyn George, Roy Tobias (Clarinets); Irene Larsson, Jacques d′Amboise (Violas); Brooks Jackson (Double Bass); Frank Hobi, Michael Maule (Trumpets); Edward Bigelow (Tuba)
 SceneryIrene Sharaff
 CostumesIrene Sharaff
 LightingJennifer Tipton
 PremiereJune 2, 1953, City Center of Music and Drama, New York City Ballet

 Casting Reqs34 Dancers:
Piccolo: 1 woman, Flutes: 2 women, Oboe: 1 woman, Clarinets: 1 woman, 1 man, Bassoons: 2 men
Horns: 4 men, Trumpets: 2 men, Tuba: 1 man, Trombones: 3 men
1st Violins: 3 women, 2nd Violins: 3 women, Violas: 1 woman, 1 man, Celli: 3 women, Bass: 1 man, Harp: 1 woman
Drums: 1 man, Cymbals: 1 man, Gong: 1 man
 RequirementsNarrator; orchestra
 Running Time18′
 NotesIn 1945, Britten was asked to write for the British Ministry of Education′s documentary film, Instruments of the Orchestra (Op. 34). With text by Eric Crozier, the work consists of variations and a fugue on a rondeau from Henry Purcell′s incidental music for "Adelazar", of the "Moor′s Revenge", by Mrs. Aphra Behn. Each variation is played by a different instrument or group of instruments composing a contemporary symphonic orchestra. Consecutively, the four families of the band -- strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion -- are exploited in characteristic monologues and conversations. Finally, the piccolo initiates the great fugue which recapitulates Purcell′s noble theme.

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