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The Cage

 ComposerIgor Stravinsky
 MusicConcerto in D for string orchestra "Basler" (1946)
 DancersNora Kaye (The Novice), Yvonne Mounsey (The Queen), Nicholas Magallanes, Michael Maule (The Intruders)
 SceneryJean Rosenthal
 CostumesRuth Sobotka
 LightingJennifer Tipton
 PremiereJune 14, 1951, City Center of Music and Drama, New York City Ballet

 Casting Reqs16 Dancers: Novice: principal woman; 1st Intruder: solo man; The Group: corps of 12 women; Queen: solo woman; 2nd Intruder: principal man
 Running Time13′
 NotesThere occurs in certain forms of insect and animal life, and even in our own mythology, the phenomenon of the female species considering the male as prey. This ballet concerns the rites of such a species.

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